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Alcohol Dependence

Dealing with alcoholism can mentally and physically destroy someone. Drinking leads to organ damage. At the same time, it makes friends and family distance themselves, causing the addict to be completely alone. Alcohol dependence makes it hard to stop the behavior, and having people judge you doesn’t make things better.

It is easy to notice when someone is alcohol dependent, at least from outside. But when you are the addict, it may be harder to accept that you are dealing with an actual addiction. Getting help may also be harder as you fear judgment, think you will not be offered the help, or you just cannot stop. When you get help sooner, though, you will be able to prevent more organ damage from happening and you can enjoy a better life.

What Is Alcoholism?

Alcoholism represents the act of drinking excessively to the point it results in mental or physical problems, as well as issues with jobs, friendships, and other aspects. It is alcohol abuse, and the individual affected by it doesn’t feel like they could ever live without using the substance – therefore, they cannot control their drinking habits. The problem is also known as alcohol use disorder, and it can be moderate, mild, or severe. If not taken care of early enough, it could have serious consequences.

For instance, when someone is abusing alcohol, they risk causing mental and physical damage. Their organs have to suffer a lot, and their mental health is getting worse and worse. The latter may also be the direct result of different events caused by alcohol, like missing professional goals, losing relationships, or ruining friendships. Regardless of how alcoholism affects each individual, it is not something that should be ignored. The more someone continues this behavior, the more damage they will cause.

The causes of alcoholism are different for everyone. For some, the environment they live in or their life struggles could lead to this behavior, while for others, genetics represent the source of the problem.

Signs of Alcohol Dependence

Alcohol dependence can be observed through some signs. It will feel different for everyone, but in essence, these are the common signs of alcohol abuse:

  • Making Excuses for Drinking: People who drink a lot try to make excuses for their actions. If they fancy a shot before they meet up with someone or before they attend an important event every single time, or if they have a drink before doing even the smallest things, they might start making excuses for it. If you are guilty of this, then perhaps you might have to look for help.
  • Hiding Alcohol or Drinking Habits: Many individuals who are dealing with alcohol addiction end up drinking alone and sneaking their drinks. They drink alone at home or even at bars, and they try to hide their drinks or hide from others the fact that they drink, even if the effects are obvious. If you notice you are doing something like this, it should tell you something.
  • Choosing Alcohol Over Everything Else: If you find yourself picking alcohol over other activities or your obligations and responsibilities, it is a red flag.
  • It’s Hard to Stop Drinking: Alcohol dependence makes someone unable to stop drinking. It is what they love doing, and they will not stop until they cannot physically drink anymore. Furthermore, not drinking anymore makes them feel moody and they cannot function normally until they have some alcohol.
  • Becoming Isolated: An addict’s best friend becomes alcohol. They are becoming isolated and distance themselves from friends and family, or the family and friends are distancing themselves from the addict.

Why Dependence is So Bad

Drinking excessively and refusing to get help can have serious consequences and may even lead to irreversible damage. Whether the addiction is a mild or severe one, the effects are still going to be bad if the individual refuses to get help on time. Some of the long-term health risks caused by alcohol include:

  • A gradually weakening immune system
  • Liver, throat, colon, rectum, mouth, esophagus, voice box, and breast cancer
  • Liver disease
  • Digestive issues
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease and stroke
  • Memory problems
  • Mental health issues, like anxiety or depression

Apart from the health risks it involves, alcohol dependence can also completely ruin someone’s life. The individual will lose all friends, and family members will not want to be around them. Moreover, the addiction can lead to someone losing their job, and they may even end up in risky, dangerous situations when they are under the influence of alcohol. Debt and other financial issues may arise too as a result of the person spending most funds on drinks. After a period of time, someone may even develop alcoholic dementia

Where to Find Help

There is help out there – you just need to know where to find it. If you are struggling with alcohol addiction and want to return to a normal life, many helplines and alcohol treatment facilities can offer you the help you need.

If you don’t know how to find these associations, you could talk to a healthcare provider specializing in addiction who will know where to get more guidance for you.

Why Real Deal?

Real Deal brings a sober living program to people who want a more natural turn from the addiction to their normal life. Real Deal makes various activities possible for addicts while aiding them during their recovery to ensure they stay sober. During this program, people will be able to form healthier coping mechanisms for their issues and break the cycle of addiction. The patient’s mental health is the main focus. At the end of the program, they will go back to being normal, functioning members of society.

So, are you ready to ditch alcohol dependence? Seek the help you need right now and start a better life!

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