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About Us

Real Deal Therapy & Wellness is an outpatient rehab center committed to changing the outcomes of those struggling with addiction, alcoholism, and mental health

Our Team

Ryan Nordurft

Clinical Director

Ryan is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor and has been working as a social worker since 2008.  He has experience at all levels of treatment:  inpatient, residential, and outpatient.  He has worked at several major hospital systems across North Texas including Texas Health Resources and UT Southwestern, where he developed a curriculum for a substance use disorder intensive outpatient program.

I am experienced in treating both substance use disorders and general mental health conditions and is a passionate advocate for those working toward recovery. I firmly believe that intensive outpatient is the most exciting level of care to work at because the person in IOP is starting to re-enter his/her life again and gets the opportunity to put their recovery skills to practice in real-time and real-life situations.  I am also a SMART Recovery facilitator.

I believe that one of the most crucial aspects of recovery is finding and establishing a connection with a community of people in recovery.  We want to create a sense of community and belonging at Real Deal Therapy & Wellness, and we want to partner with you in your recovery journey.  

When not working, Ryan is at home with his wife and young two children.  If it’s football season, he is cheering for his hometown team, the New Orleans Saints

Jake Bradshaw

Office Manager

My name is Jake Bradshaw, I was born in New Jersey. Don’t ask how I made it all the way to Texas because I’m not entirely sure. But I’m glad I did. I am an addict in recovery myself & sobriety gave me a life I never thought was possible. When I had nothing left to lose & everything to gain, I got help. And now I am able to use my experience to help those who are struggling. 

What we provide for people at Real Deal Therapy & Wellness is the structure & try to teach a different way of living which results in a better, cleaner & sustainable lifestyle. For myself, there is not ANY part of my life that hasn’t improved since being sober. When all of the positives outweigh the itch to use, you will feel like your life has a purpose.

Our Methodology


Our emotional state is often in shambles when we enter recovery. We are then left to deal with ourselves, and all the emotional pain, resistance, and turbulence that accompanies us. In order to start the journey of recovery, we must start by addressing our emotional issues first.


Solutions that are applied to our emotional recovery can then be applied to every area of our lives. Starting with ourselves, we then learn that we are capable of creating new behaviors and habits that will completely change our lives.


Productivity is the last phase of our process. After we have dealt with the emotional issues, learned to apply the solutions to every area of our life, then we find ourselves extremely productive. This productivity is the kernel that keeps us going. We have long term sobriety because we find a life that is worth living. 

Who are we?

We are a center for those struggling with addiction, alcoholism, and mental health.