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Sober Living

Sober living is a place to find structure while removing yourself from substances. Alcohol and drugs are substances that people use for many reasons. Some are trying them out of curiosity, some want to have fun, while others try to forget about their daily struggles by abusing these substances. As a result, a person may become an addict, which can negatively affect their life. They end up losing jobs, relationships, and precious time to this merciless addiction. On top of that, most of the money goes to fueling the addiction, potentially making someone lose all their funds and all their belongings.

Still, with enough determination and hard work, sober living is possible. For people who used to be addicts, it may be scary. It can change their life for the better, though, not only financially, but also emotionally and physically.

What Is Sober Living?

Sober living or sobriety refers to being free from intoxication in a safe and productive environment. That means not being drunk or under the effect of drugs, and not being addicted to these substances anymore. Sober living means abstinence from the harmful substances that can ruin your life, or at least this is the medical definition you will find for sobriety. Sober living can be more than that, though.

Many people who are recovering from addiction look at sober living as a way to improve their relationships with people and gain a new outlook on life overall. So, it is also a way to achieve good mental health. But saying that sober living is abstinence is merely a mainstream concept. Sober living simply means not being intoxicated at any time.

There are sober living houses that are made for people who are currently recovering from substance addiction. These houses are either owned by businesses, charity organizations, or are privately owned. In order to help someone recover successfully, especially when they are in the first stages of recovery, the houses are located in very quiet, peaceful areas.

People can go to these houses and then leave whenever they wish. The requirement is to follow some rules. Residents may have to go to work during the day, or they may be asked to return by certain hours. Moreover, in order to make sure that their sobriety is ongoing, residents may go through drug tests periodically. Learn more about what can cause a false positive on a drug test.

Sober living means that you are responsible for yourself so that you are the one taking all the steps towards recovery. It is important to try to live an ordinary life while working to buy food for yourself and pay their rent, just like you would in a normal house. This is especially important for addicts whose friends or families are enablers, which supported their addictions, to begin with.

How Does Living WIthout Drugs and Alcohol work?

Living without drugs and alcohol simply means that you will stop using any mind-altering substance. It can take a while to achieve this type of life, but it is not impossible. It just takes effort and determination. The individual has to be focused on the present, and not focus on the long-term worries.

Living without drugs and alcohol allows people to go back to being functioning members of society, and also enables them to rebuild relationships.

Someone who used to be addicted to any substance has to go through a detox process first and work for sobriety for the long term.

Does Sober Living Work Well With Outpatient?

There is a big difference between inpatient and outpatient treatment. Many people who go through rehab go back to drinking or consuming drugs afterward. This is mostly because they return to the same unhealthy environment they used to live in, which makes them fall back into their addiction. Sober living houses could prevent this.

Sober living houses bring many advantages when associated with outpatient treatments, which is different than a traditional halfway house. Sure, there is less support compared to the one offered in residential treatment, but it is way more intense compared to the one you may find in a freestanding sober living home.

People have rules to follow. They have to pay rent and support themselves, and they even need to attend recovery meetings with all the other facility residents. Moreover, sober living homes allow people to return to normal lives by making them go back to school or work. They can also connect with an outpatient recovery program, which is great. Therefore, sober living and outpatient treatment work very well together.

Finding The Right Fit for Sober Living

Finding the right sober living house may be a bit difficult, especially if you’re just at the beginning of the road towards recovery. Fortunately, once you know what to look for, it can be much easier to find the right fit. Here is how to choose a good house for sober living:

  1. Visit Sober Living Homes

If you found multiple sober living homes in your area, it is best to visit all of them and then narrow down your options to the ones you liked the most. It’s essential to discover how comfortable you feel in that location, and whether you would be willing to stay there for a longer period and live around the current residents. This can be a great way to find the perfect home.

  1. Consider the Location

The location of the house is crucial because it will impact not only your mental health but also how easily you can go to work, go grocery shopping, and so on. Ask questions and always make sure you pick the most convenient location.

  1. Learn Everything About the House

You must do your homework by learning as much as you can about the staff and the rules. The more you know, the easier it will be to decide if you want to live there or not. For instance, ask yourself whether you will have to take random drug tests, what social activities you will have to take part in, what the visitor policy is, and so on.

Making The Commitment for Sober Living

Moving forward is an easier process than you may believe. For instance, applying to sober living takes only a few minutes. After the initial screening, you could be moved in within the hour. This means your journey to recovery could begin almost immediately! 

Making the commitment to sober living may seem scary at first. However, thousands of people have made this easy commitment and changed their lives for the better. Get started today!

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