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Treatment Perspective

We view treatment differently from the rest. With an approach that is emotionally sound and clinically proven, it’s no wonder why our results are also different from the rest. 

Individualized Program

Addiction starts as a temporary solution to a serious problem. If you try to address addiction without addressing the problem, then the cycle is bound to repeat. This is why we address mental health treatment first here at Real Deal, working closely with each individual to use their own strengths to develop healthy coping skills and break destructive habits.

Productivity Focused

Change is measured in actions - we help provide structure for people’s lives so they can develop lasting habits that will carry them through their mental health recovery. Real Deal makes sure to address real world results from beginning to end with thorough, collaborative treatment planning.

A Non-Vanilla Approach To Treatment

Recovery is a holistic process that involves the mind, body, and spirit. If all three of these aspects are not addressed, then the destructive cycles of addiction maintain their grip. At Real Deal, we address every angle of addiction – from managing behavioral triggers, to changing negative thought patterns, to discovering personal meaning. Each individual must find their own path, and we are there to help them find it.

The Real Deal Difference

Choosing us is a no-brainer because we combine clinically proven programming with results for the real world. The problem with so many treatment centers is that they refuse to address the solutions long-term. Recovery is a life-long process, and only focusing on minimizing pain will not result in long-term joy.

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