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Our Approach

At Real Deal, we understand that the commonality between substance use and mental disorders is a person’s mind. Instead of focusing on the short term solution of addressing only addiction, we instead focus on practical life skills, emotional coping, and increasing mindfulness. Treatment centers provide short term structure, but we offer long term solutions

Mental Health Primary

Substance abuse and mental health problems go hand in hand. In fact, over half of people with severe mental illness also have a substance use disorder. Many people in addiction are desperately attempting to self-medicate.  Untreated mental health problems are often the reason for the development of an addiction, and in turn, addiction accelerates those same problems – sometimes,  even creating new problems in its wake. 

This is why we utilize a multi-disciplinary team with a broad base of experience that provides mental health focused treatment to sever addiction’s hold. We focus on building practical life and coping skills that produce long term solutions. Going directly for the addiction without addressing underlying problems is doomed to fail. That is why we are Mental Health Primary at Real Deal; we address addiction at the source.

The Benefits

Because of our unique long-term focus, self-alignment approach, and practical life skills programming, choosing Real Deal is a no-brainer. Want to learn more about what makes us tick? Our philosophy can be found here.

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