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For Families

Families are an integral part of any recovery process. And because we prioritize total family wellness, we have special services just for them.

Why Us?

RDTW takes an individual and holistic approach to recovery from addiction and alcoholism. This means that we focus on each client like it was ourselves. We believe everyone is unique, and every recovery approach should be unique as well.

Our Recovery Programs For You

Group Therapy

Our outpatient programs revolve around group therapy. Whether it's our addiction outpatient or our mental health outpatient program, we will help. Having constant clinical assessments, while connecting with people going through similar problems will provide long-term recovery results.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a place where people can confidently deal with their issues, create new behaviors, and find the solutions to the problems in their lives. 

Family Therapy

Family therapy will provide wellness for the entire family.  At RDTW, we prioritize the entire recovery process, which includes each family member. Learn more about our family therapy program.

A Safe Space to Recover

Finding a place to get help with addiction or mental health for a loved one can be scary. Not knowing if they will ever get well can take a toll on family members. Especially having bad experiences with treatment in the past. However, we take strategic precautions to make our rehab center as clean, safe, and sound as possible. We take the family recovery seriously. Learn more below.

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