Real Deal Therapy & Wellness

We are refocusing the spotlight on mental health, addiction, and alcoholism treatment. Our shift in perspective allows our clinically proven programs to uncover the potential within. We believe our unique outlook on treatment is more successful because we focus on what is commonly missed. Our outcomes are different because our outlook is different. Get started today.

Our Outcomes Are Different Because Our Outlook is Different

Many people who are looking for a solution to addiction, alcoholism, or mental health find themselves in a predictable situation. Perhaps they have attended countless programs, spiritual quests, or centers that are “Determined to fix the problem”. However, no matter how many new places they try, they can’t seem to fix the problems.

But, what if the way they are trying to fix the problem is wrong? And what if all that is needed is a new approach to the same solution?

A Non-Vanilla Treatment Perspective

Unique problems, such as mental health and addiction, require unique solutions. Recovery rates throughout the treatment industry are generally pretty low. So, why would we think we could provide the same treatment as everyone else and get better results?

The answer is: we can’t. Instead, we start at a different place to break the cycle of addiction and mental health.  Compared to throwing the big book at clients and talking incessantly about obvious problems, we changed the direction.

We learn how to deal with each client individually by starting in their mind. Once we understand the roadblocks mentally, we move towards finding solutions. Once solutions are outlined, we learn how to apply them. Finally, once solutions are applied, we end up in a world of productivity. This is where our fundamental approach “Emotional Applicable Productive” comes into play. Start in the mind, end in productivity. 

Why Choose a Different Outlook?

Perhaps you are tired of hearing “maybe they just aren’t ready yet.” It might not make sense to hear “maybe they didn’t want it badly enough”. Is it unacceptable to have your concerns go unheard when you say you feel something been missed?

The reason we started this business was that we didn’t believe that. Everyone with the proper tools can succeed. Our program was built on the voices that were overlooked and the people that were told a myriad of excuses as to why their treatment was unsuccessful. You should choose a new outlook because the old outlook didn’t work.

Our Treatment Philosophy

We focus on what works, not just the underlying problem. Change your life, not just your issues.

The Desired Outcome

To cut to the chase, this is the only thing that matters. Our objective remains to help you achieve success. Going through our program will allow you to deal with yourself emotionally, learn how to apply the principles of progress, and become successful, whatever that looks like for you. We can’t give you a magical pill for success. In fact, we can’t tell you what that is. But you can find your own solution to success, and we can guide you to it.