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Real Deal Outpatient Rehab Dallas

At Real Deal Therapy & Wellness we are refocusing the spotlight on mental health, addiction, and alcoholism treatment. Our shift in perspective allows our clinically proven programs to uncover the potential within. We believe our unique outlook on treatment is more successful because we focus on what is commonly missed. Our outcomes are different because our outlook is different. Get started today.

Our Outcomes Are Different Because Our Outlook is Different

Many people who are looking for a solution to addiction, alcoholism, or mental health find themselves in a predictable situation. Perhaps they have attended countless programs, spiritual quests, or centers that are “Determined to fix the problem”. However, no matter how many new places they try, they can’t seem to fix the problems.

But, what if the way they are trying to fix the problem is wrong? And what if all that is needed is a new approach to the same solution?

Noah FrankNoah Frank
21:31 13 Jul 21
I have had an excellent experience with Real Deal Therapy and Wellness! From the moment I called Jake helped to get me in immediately. Ryan does great with the IOP program! The program really helped me gain life skills to cope wit my addiction problem and my mental health issues. Stephan and Nate are great influences and have helped me with any issues or concerns I had. I strongly encourage anyone looking for alcohol/drug addiction/mental help to reach out! Real Deal has saved my life!
Leana Gadbois-SillsLeana Gadbois-Sills
20:27 02 Jul 21
Great team of experienced therapist and staff. This is the real deal!
Lauren TeconchukLauren Teconchuk
18:11 01 Jul 21
I have worked with Real Deal for years connecting parents and people struggling with addiction. All of the services available have been helpful to the people I have referred in finding a better quality of life.Anyone who is in their care can expect to be treated with dignity, encouraged to meet their goals, and respectfully challenged in ways that will help them grow into the person they wish they could be.I highly recommend coupling their sober living with IOP for the best results long term. Their homes are beautiful and their staff is experienced.
Dustin MartinezDustin Martinez
16:26 16 Apr 21
Great facility with an excellent staff!
Kirk MonroeKirk Monroe
02:35 12 Feb 21
Great outpatient and individual therapy in the Dallas/Richardson area. Qualified Therapists!

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A New Treatment Perspective

We believe in the resilience of those we are blessed enough to be able to serve. We know that while it may appear that mental health or addiction issues are an unwinnable battle, everyone has a chance to turn their life around.  For those so afflicted, life is about surviving.   However, survivors are strong! When equipped with the proper tools and motivation, people that once seemed beyond hope, are able to overcome any of life’s challenges and thrive. At Real Deal, we strive to empower every client, so that they can take control of their lives.  

Unique problems such as mental health and addiction, require unique solutions.   Recovery rates throughout the treatment industry are generally pretty low. This is why we offer a different perspective on treatment, a unique perspective. 

First, we move away from shame-based treatment modalities. We find that most of our clients are filled with shame and shame should never be re-enforced clinically.  Second, we take a compassionate stance and start treating the real issues that plague our clients. We usually see a marked improvement in a few weeks.  

Our goal for everyone coming through Real Deal is to return to a productive and satisfying life.  A sense of accomplishment is essential to sustained wellness and recovery.

Mental Health

Get help with anxiety, depression, or any other debilitating mental health issues.

Substance Abuse

Recovery from substance abuse is possible. Learn more about the freedom that is awaiting you.

Individual Therapy

If you aren't interested in group-styled therapy, try our individual therapy. It just might change your life.

Why Choose a Different Outlook?

Perhaps you are tired of hearing “maybe they just aren’t ready yet.” It might not make sense to hear “maybe they didn’t want it badly enough”. Is it unacceptable to have your concerns go unheard when you say you feel something been missed?

The reason we started this business was that we didn’t believe that. Everyone with the proper tools can succeed. Our program was built on the voices that were overlooked and the people that were told a myriad of excuses as to why their treatment was unsuccessful. You should choose a new outlook because the old outlook didn’t work.

Our Treatment Philosophy

We focus on what works, not just the underlying problem. Change your life, not just your issues.


First, we target the emotional issues interfering with success. Emotional issues are the root of the problem, and we deal with them swiftly and permanently. 


Independently finding solutions to problems are meaningless if you cannot apply them to your life. So, our program's second step is learning behaviors to apply the processes for long-term change. 


The end result, and our holy grail, is the productivity that is created throughout each client's life. By applying the principles learned (While changing behaviors), clients will find a new life filled with positivity, productivity, and joy.

The Desired Outcome

To cut to the chase, this is the only thing that matters. Our objective remains to help you achieve success. Going through our program will allow you to deal with yourself emotionally, learn how to apply the principles of progress, and become successful, whatever that looks like for you. We can’t give you a magical pill for success. In fact, we can’t tell you what that is. But you can find your own solution to success, and we can guide you to it. 

Dallas Outpatient Rehab Services

Real Deal Therapy & Wellness is a leading provider of an intensive outpatient program (IOP) for drug and alcohol addiction. We are dedicated to providing a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan that is tailored to each individual’s unique needs. Our team of experienced and compassionate professionals is committed to helping those wanting to get on the path to recovery and a better life.


We recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to addiction. We provide individualized care, utilizing evidence-based practices tailored to each patient’s needs. Our comprehensive outpatient rehab plans include a variety of therapeutic methods, such as individual and group counseling, 12-step programs, relapse prevention, and medication-assisted treatment (MAT). We also provide family counseling and support services to help our clients and their families build better relationships and find the strength to face their addiction together.


We understand that recovery is a lifelong journey; our commitment doesn’t end when patients complete their outpatient rehab program. We provide aftercare services to help our clients transition to everyday life and continue their recovery. We offer ongoing counseling, support groups, medication management, and other services. We also provide education and resources to help our clients and their families understand the disease of addiction and how to manage it best.

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