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Substance Abuse Centers Dallas

substance abuse center dallas tx

As a leading outpatient and substance abuse treatment center in Dallas, TX, Real Deal Therapy & Wellness offers treatment options for individuals struggling with addiction. Our evidence-based approach and dedicated team of professionals make us an authority in addiction treatment, providing support and guidance to those in need.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment: The Benefits

At Real Deal Therapy & Wellness, our outpatient program is designed to help patients overcome drug abuse and alcohol addiction without disrupting their daily lives. Unlike inpatient programs, patients can maintain their work, school, or family commitments while receiving treatment at our drug and alcohol rehab and center.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment and Mental Health

We recognize that many individuals with substance use disorder also struggle with mental health conditions. Our dual diagnosis treatment simultaneously addresses both addiction and mental health issues, providing a more comprehensive and effective recovery process.

Withdrawal Symptoms and Detox

Withdrawal symptoms during detox can be a significant barrier to recovery. At Real Deal Therapy & Wellness, our detox program helps patients manage physical symptoms safely and comfortably, ensuring a smoother transition into addiction treatment.

Evidence-Based Therapies

We employ evidence-based therapies, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, to help patients address the root causes of their addiction. Our therapists are experienced in treating various substance use disorders, including addiction and alcohol abuse.

Intensive Outpatient and Partial Hospitalization

We offer intensive outpatient services and partial hospitalization programs for those needing more structured support. These options provide a higher level of care and structure while still allowing patients the flexibility of an outpatient setting.

Private Health Insurance and Private Pay Options

Real Deal Therapy & Wellness accepts private health insurance and offers private pay options, ensuring our treatment facilities and programs are accessible to as many people as possible.

Nurturing Environment and Support Groups

We believe in creating a nurturing environment and providing ongoing support through group therapy and support groups. Our outpatient drug rehab facility fosters community and connection, helping patients build a strong foundation for long-term recovery.

Treatment Options for Various Substances

Our team is experienced in treating alcohol and drug addiction to various substances, including fentanyl, cocaine, marijuana, and methamphetamine. We customize our treatment plans to address the specific needs of each patient.

real deal substance abuse centers

Relapse Prevention and Aftercare

Relapse prevention is a crucial component of our outpatient services. We equip patients with the tools and resources they need to maintain sobriety, including aftercare support and access to ongoing therapy.

Customized Treatment Plans

At Real Deal Therapy & Wellness, we understand that each individual’s journey to recovery is unique. Our team of experts works closely with patients to develop customized treatment plans that cater to their specific needs and goals.

Family Involvement in Recovery

We recognize the importance of family support during the recovery process. Our treatment programs include family therapy and education to help loved ones understand addiction and learn how to support the patient during and after treatment.

Assessment and Evaluation

Before beginning treatment, our team conducts a thorough assessment and evaluation of each patient. This process helps us determine the most appropriate level of care and tailor our treatment approach to best address the patient’s needs.

Experienced Staff and Medical Professionals

Our team of therapists, counselors, and medical professionals is dedicated to helping patients overcome addiction and rebuild their lives. Their expertise and commitment to patient success ensure that our clients receive the highest quality of care throughout their recovery journey.

Continuing Care and Long-Term Recovery

At Real Deal Therapy & Wellness, we understand that recovery is an ongoing process. We offer continuing care services and resources to help our patients maintain their sobriety and wellness, such as alumni support groups and outpatient follow-up care.

The Role of Medications in Addiction Treatment

Medications may sometimes be prescribed as part of a patient’s addiction treatment plan. Our medical professionals carefully consider each patient’s needs and may utilize medications to help treat or manage withdrawal symptoms, cravings, or co-occurring mental health disorders.

Holistic Treatment Approaches

At Real Deal Therapy & Wellness, we believe recovery goes beyond addressing the physical aspects of drugs and addiction. We incorporate holistic treatment approaches, such as mindfulness techniques and stress management, to promote overall well-being and long-term success in recovery.

Choose Real Deal Therapy & Wellness for Substance Abuse Treatment in Dallas, TX

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, consider Real Deal Therapy & Wellness in Dallas, Texas, for the support and guidance you need. Our personalized approach to treatment will help you regain control of your life and achieve lasting recovery.