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Sober Living Homes

Living with drug addiction is not easy. It’s easy to judge from the outside and many consider addicts to be bad people, but in reality, it is not always the case. They may be people who have serious issues, and their addiction was something that allowed them to cope, or perhaps they had a bad influence in their life that led to the addiction. So, whenever they end up going through a detox and they are dedicated to giving up on the substance they abuse, they should be encouraged. One thing that may be very useful is a sober living home.

Not everyone knows what a sober living home is or how it works, though. So, let’s delve into the subject.

Sober Living Home Basics

A sober living home refers to a program that helps someone recover from addiction in a different way. Instead of keeping the individual on intensive addiction treatment, the person ends up shifting towards living independently. He/she is able to live alone and go back to their normal life, so they can go to work, go shopping, and do other similar activities.

This type of system includes a group house, and people can stay there if they want to achieve a sober lifestyle. This home would be ideal for someone looking for support in the long term. They are different from rehab centers – they are communities that have rules while allowing people to re-enter the real world and recover simultaneously. It’s important to bear in mind that the homes do not offer clinical addiction treatment, but they may perform tests at certain points to see whether the person is staying off the addiction or not. These homes represent one way to use the lessons learned from rehab.

Why Would Someone Choose a Sober Home?

People end up choosing sober living environments for many reasons. One may be the fact that a lot of individuals want to give up an addiction for good because it ruins their life. They have lost jobs and valuable relationships, and they want to get them back. Others live in environments that enable their addiction or they live with enablers, so going back home after spending so much time in rehab is not an option.

It is also possible that addicts are scared of going back to a normal life abruptly, and it is not a surprise since it can be quite overwhelming. It can even be dangerous for some individuals.

Therefore, they choose a sober living home where they would stay for a while. These homes are located in quiet and peaceful areas where someone has enough time to reflect and slowly be introduced to normal life. The residents of a sober living home will be able to form new, healthy habits.

While it might have been very difficult to take care of themselves during their addiction period, residents can now start a new life and perform the basic tasks that would allow them to live normally. They will be able to wake up in the morning and deal with basic hygiene tasks, for example. On top of that, they may even be able to get a job and go to work, which will also allow them to pay rent.

A sober living home will keep a recovering addict away from individuals who were either fueling their addiction or enabling it. They will have power over themselves and work towards getting better, without anything or anyone distracting them from their path.

Slowly but surely, a sober living home will help someone develop better communication skills by interacting with the other residents. Later on, this will help them either regain friendships they have lost due to the addiction or build new ones.

Overall, these are some of the reasons why someone would choose a sober living home.

How WIll Sober Living Help with Therapy?

Sober living can help therapy a lot. This is because these systems always encourage wellness, as well as group interactions and outdoor activities. People can spend more time outdoors, which is crucial for their healing. Even better, people can also get comfort when recovering from addiction or trauma.

When you think about it, sober living homes can prevent someone from relapsing. In return, this maintains someone’s well-being not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally. Since these homes encourage outdoor activities and interactions, this helps improve someone’s focus and perspective, and even their spirituality.

Many people end up addicted to substances due to disorders like depression – so, staying in a sober living house can ease their suffering. Alcohol or drugs may have been used to deal with the pain, but as a side-effect, they also prevent someone from seeking real help from a professional. While staying in one of these homes, an individual will become aware of the fact that they need help and may be more willing to go to therapy and get treatment for their issues.

How To Find The Perfect Match

If you want to find a perfect match, you must know what to look for in a sober living home. Each house is different in its own way, and you should find the best one for you. You should check the services they offer to make sure they fit you, and you should also look into the level of support they provide. It’s also important for the house to have certification, such as certificates from NARR, CARF, or other such agencies.

Moreover, you should look into the program size and make sure the clinical staff is licensed. Last, but not least, see if there is a support group attendance and check the phases of restriction.

Sober living homes can be a blessing for many people in need. They make sure you can go back to your normal life after rehab, and that you do not fall back into your addiction. They can offer you a new perspective on life, and give you back the things you lost while you were addicted to drugs or alcohol.

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