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Crystal Meth

Meth is quickly becoming a widely used drug, with about 5% of the American population using it. This means that almost 12.3 million people in America have used meth at least once in their life. Crystal meth is among the most popular forms, due to its purity and potency. Because of this, crystal meth has a high potential for addiction, bringing more and more people into rehab centers.

What Is Crystal Meth?

Crystal meth is a type of methamphetamine, obtained through distillation. Crystal meth is known as the purest form of meth, looking like crystal shards or ice pieces. It is also why it is often referred to as “ice” or “glass” on the streets.

Crystal meth is more often smoked, as it amplifies the euphoria. It can also be injected, as the crystal turns into liquid upon heating. Being the purest version of meth, crystal meth is much more addictive, which is why the users tend to get hooked after only using it one time.

Is Crystal Meth Different From Meth?

The main difference between meth and crystal meth is that while crystal meth can be referred to as meth, not all meth is crystal meth. Crystal meth is mainly another form of meth. While regular meth takes the shape of a white powder, crystal meth looks like its name suggests: crystal. It is also why it is often referred to as “glass” or “ice” on the street.

Comparing the two, crystal meth and regular meth are both stimulants with highly addictive potential. Their chemical formula is quite similar, so addicts often use the drug for pretty much the same reason. They want to get the boost of energy and euphoric high provided by both.

That being said, the difference between them lies in their form. One is a white powder, whereas the other has a crystal, translucent form. Crystal meth is meth in its distilled form and is, therefore, more potent as compared to meth. One may say that it is meth in its purest form. It is also why crystal meth has the potential to last longer as compared to regular meth.

Symptoms & Side Effects Of Meth Use

Crystal meth usage can lead to a series of physical and mental symptoms, affecting not only a person’s personality but also their physical appearance. Once it gets to the long-term abuse phase, those symptoms can be quite severe.

With that in mind, some symptoms will begin to show, no matter if the user is new to crystal meth or has been using it for a while. Here are the signs and symptoms you should look out for:

Increased Blood Pressure

Crystal meth stimulates the cardiovascular system. If the person consuming meth has a pre-existing heart condition, it may end up stimulating the heart to the point of a heart attack. The regular person may just feel heart palpitations and increased blood pressure.


Crystal meth is a stimulant, which means that if you take it regularly, it can keep you up at night. Crystal meth effects may last between 12 and 25 hours, depending on the individual – so, if you are planning to sleep anytime soon, this might cause a bit of a problem.


Consumption of crystal meth will send your body into quite a chaotic state. This can lead to tremors and uncontrollable twitching.

Dental Decay

Consumption of crystal meth can lead to a condition referred to as “meth mouth.” A person using meth will crave sugary drinks and candy, which can affect the mouth. Teeth grinding can also damage the teeth, something that is further worsened by poor oral hygiene.

Reduced Appetite

While the sugar craving is still there, the appetite for actual food is lowered. This can lead to significant weight loss in a short period, something that can affect you negatively in the long run.

Treatement For Meth Addiction

While there is no specific treatment program for crystal meth, standard drug detox and behavioral/cognitive treatment may be used to get the drug out of the system. Most people that have a meth addiction will have to go through detox, most of the time medical, in order to ease through the withdrawal process.

Depending on the circumstances, the addict may go through inpatient or outpatient treatment. If the addiction started just recently, the outpatient type may be enough.

However, if they have been addicted for a longer time, they may be recommended inpatient treatment. This is because withdrawal in these circumstances may lead to seizures, in which case medical supervision is essential.

It can take at least a week for the detox to finalize, but it also depends on the stage of the crystal meth addiction. Someone that has been an addict for a long time may have long-drawing withdrawal symptoms. After the drug exits the system through detox, cognitive and behavioral treatment should also be provided. This will reduce the chances of a relapse.

Long-Term Recovery at Real Deal

Crystal meth has a high addictive potential, and detox will not guarantee that you’ll stay clean in the long term. Certain physical side effects of meth can linger for a longer time as well, which is why medical checkups are recommended. This is why long-term recovery is often added to the recovery program of a recovered meth addict.

At Real Deal Recovery & Wellness, we have all the means necessary to help you through long-term recovery after your detox session. Whether you need outpatient treatment, individual therapy, or connections to support groups, we can help you out. We address not only the physical symptoms of meth withdrawal but also help prevent you from falling back into addiction.

Crystal meth use can turn into addiction from the very first moment it is used. This is why you need to address the problem as soon as possible. If you or someone close to you has been abusing crystal meth, contact Real Deal now and allow us to help!

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