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If you have ever made any sort of medical claim, you know the questions that rush through your mind each time. How much are they going to cover? What treatment should I pick?

These are essential questions. The short answer that is found through googling is “yes.” But what are the exceptions? We will be exploring these questions today, By the end of this article, you will have the information that will help you.

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Addiction And BCBS

Insurance companies are built to handle certain types of risks. As a result, navigating their channels and finding the right resources can be difficult. This is especially true when you are trying to beat your addiction.

Thankfully, Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) has a substance use resource line that you can call to get some general details. They can guide you through much of the public process. You can even call the line anonymously to get this information.

What Will BCBS Cover For Treatment?

The substance abuse resource website will give you a variety of potential items that are covered. These treatment options are listed directly on

  • Withdrawal management (Detox) – This process involves staying off the drug for an extended period so that the addict will be ready for a more detailed substance treatment program.
  • Interim care – this is daily medication and counseling for those unable to get into a medical facility.
  • Outpatient care – this treatment is for people who continue living their lives but regularly visit treatment facilities.
  • Inpatient care – this is the process of admitting someone for a permanent, 24/7 stay at a hospital for weeks.
  • Residential care – this is the process of admitting someone or permanent, 24/7 stay at a hospital for months to a year.
  • Sober living home – this is a place you can stay while transitioning from residential care to regular living.
  • Telemedicine – this is counseling or prescribed treatments delivered remotely.
  • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) – this is a combination of treatment, therapy, and medication to behave as a whole-person approach.

These may vary depending upon location.

How Do I Find Out What My Insurance Covers?

There are four ways you can figure out what your insurance covers. You can either choose to speak to your provider, read through your contract, or have your coverage apply at the point of use. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

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Speaking To Your Provider

BCBS has a core of trained customer-service professionals who have been skilled to answer your questions.  They can read the contract for you and give you their own interpretation of it. This is possibly the most comfortable option, as it involves the least amount of work. However, claims personnel may have a different perspective. If that is the case, you may run into an argument will your medical provider.

Read Your Contract

Whether it be for auto, homeowners, or health insurance, having a good understanding of your health coverage contract is a great way to come to the table prepared. By having a copy of it on hand, you will be able to cite specific provisions on the current contract. Claims personnel may still have a different perspective. Always, they will be able to see your view, making any potential argument easier.

The negative part of this comes through the difficulty of understanding insurance jargon. Many states have attempted to address this by requiring insurance providers to write at a specific reading level. However, there will still be a learning curve to overcome.

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Use Your Coverage

BCBS covers plenty of procedures. Many of these procedures are considered necessary for the continued well-being of their customers.  As a result, you could potentially walk in and ask for help. While you generally cannot ask for it to be applied as preventative, which is usually free, the cost of visiting with a doctor is not too high.

That being said, you could end up being blindsided by a variety of options. Some doctors, who make a good deal of money, place their primary concern on you getting better. As a result, they sometimes need to be grounded when it comes to cost reminders. But by this time you will have already spent your cost of a doctor’s visit. This information can generally be found on your card.

Online Calculators

BCBS has an online calculator in many of the states that it does business in. For example, BCBS of Texas has an online cost calculator for many standard procedures. There is always the chance of it being inaccurate, but it should give you a good general idea.

Calculator for finding the cost of Rehab With BCBS

What's The Best Treatment Model?

It is somewhat of a trick question. The “best” treatment model will depend upon the right balance of your needs and your budget. Generally speaking, the more time you spend at a location is directly correlated with the amount of money you spend. Residential care has the highest potential to cost money when Telehealth often has incentives for using due to how much money it saves.

Make a decision based on your needs and your budget.  If you need to start with residential care, your goal is to transition into a sober living home. Eventually, your end goal will be to reduce your time at a treatment facility to almost zero.

Will BCBS Cover My Rehab Costs?

Going back to our initial concern: probably. You will need to check on your coverages with a provider, your contract, or a cost calculator to be sure. Be sure to do so before going into any treatment facility.

BCBS And Helping People In Treatment

BCBS has a public hotline that will help you through the process of treatment. You can even call on behalf of a friend. By taking advantage of available resources, you will be able to set yourself up for success. They can also inform you of available national or local resources.

Their representatives will also guide on selecting a potential treatment path. If you are hesitant, they can even take your questions anonymously. When it comes to any of these options, remember that there is no shame in saying that you need help. Your treatment journey can start anywhere. There is strength in asking for help.

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