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Alcohol Recovery

Alcohol recovery is the first step towards regaining your life. If you or a loved one shows signs of alcohol abuse, then it is time to reach out and get the necessary treatment. Depending on the stage of alcoholism, recovery may take a while. However, asking for help is the first step towards alcohol recovery.

What Is Alcoholism?

Alcoholism is an inability to stop consuming alcohol. Also referred to as alcohol use disorder (AUD), alcoholism is a condition where the individual feels a physical need to consume alcohol – a desire that is stronger than them. Even if they see that alcohol negatively impacts their life, they do not cut their alcohol consumption.

A person who has this condition cannot control their drinking and does not know when to stop. Because of this, it may cause problems in both their private and their professional life. Unlike moderate alcohol consumption, alcohol use disorder can cause a variety of problems. Of course, there is medication to treat alcoholism, but we will discuss the non-medication route today.

How To Know Your Ready For Recovery

Alcohol abuse can show itself differently, depending on your stage of alcoholism. However, here are the signs telling you that you are ready for recovery.

  1. You Tried Quitting but Failed

If you noticed your alcohol problem, the chances are that you already tried to quit before and failed. You promised yourself over and over that you wouldn’t touch another drink again – but when you found yourself in a situation where alcohol was involved, you couldn’t help it. At this point, you know that you are ready for recovery.

  1. You Realize You Are Constantly Sick

When a person consumes alcohol, the chances are high that once the alcohol begins to exit their system, they will feel the withdrawal symptoms – a.k.a. hangover. Around 68% of the people who drink alcohol will wake up with a hangover in the morning, and those who are suffering from alcoholism will feel the symptoms even longer. If you see that you are constantly jumping from drunk to sick, you are ready to ask for help.

  1. You Want to Repair Your Relationships

Alcohol abuse can deal quite a lot of damage to your relationships. You may have lost friends or secluded yourself from your loved ones, all because alcohol turns you into a not-so-nice person. If you realize that your strained relationships are a result of your alcohol consumption, then you are ready for recovery.

  1. You Notice Your Recent Recklessness in Behavior

Alcohol can make us do some really bad things – and while it is no excuse, the cause is there. Alcohol lowers your inhibitions, making direct contact with the control center of your brain. That being said, there is a big difference between texting your ex and putting your or someone else’s life in danger. If you notice that your behavior is becoming reckless and dangerous, then you are more than ready to take the step towards recovery.

Benefits of Alcohol Recovery

Alcohol recovery has several benefits that every alcoholic should be well aware of. Here is what happens when you quit drinking.

Your Health Will Improve

Alcohol puts a strain on your internal organs, from your heart to your liver. Because your body no longer functions the way that it should, this will become visible in your appearance. You will lose weight (or gain, depending on the alcohol type), lose hair, and even your skin will start losing its glow. By quitting alcohol, you give your body the opportunity to recover.

You Will Save More Money

As an alcohol addict, you are probably well aware of the fact that most of your money will go on buying alcohol. And if there’s anything we know, it’s that alcohol is expensive. However, if you quit alcohol and go into recovery, you will be able to save money and put it to better use.

You Will Sleep Better

You might live under the impression that alcohol makes you sleep soundly, but that’s far from true. Alcohol is initially a stimulant, after which it becomes a depressant. These are two things that will not allow you to sleep like you normally would.

Finding The Best Course for Treatment

Every alcohol use disorder goes through different stages. Depending on the stage, your doctor may recommend a certain treatment course. They will take in the severity of your addiction along with your possibilities and needs.

If the addiction is strong, then it might be difficult for someone to go through recovery at home. In that case, inpatient treatment might be recommended. However, if the addiction is manageable but still difficult, the more appropriate route would be a mix of medical detox and outpatient therapy.

In most circumstances, finding the best treatment will depend on what your particular needs will be. This is why you need to collaborate closely with your doctor and therapist, determining the correct course of treatment.

Why Recovery is Awesome

Recovery is awesome because it allows you to be the person that you were before you started drinking. To put it simply, along with your health, you will be able to get your life back. You will be once more in control over yourself and your actions.

Your sobriety is not the only thing you will get from recovery; with time, you will get your health back. Whether it involves your physical or mental health, recovery can help you get your functions back. Recovery is awesome because it makes life much easier.

Why Real Deal?

When going through recovery, you must stay in contact with a rehab facility. If you don’t, you will just risk going through a relapse and picking up alcohol again. Real Deal will take you through medical detox, and after that, we will help you with long-term treatment. This should help make your recovery smooth, from the beginning to the end.

Reaching out for help is the first and often most difficult step of recovery. However, once you take this step, things should work out easier. Contact Real Deal and get ready for recovery!

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